7 Apr 14
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(≧∇≦)OMG you are a really good artist! Love the blog!

thank you <3

7 Apr 14
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Kiss kiss kiss kiss X3

7 Apr 14
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7 Apr 14
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Do you guys like "breaking bad" :D ?

Do you like fixing good?

23 Mar 14
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Well now I feel really bad. I'm really sorry, I didn't realize you were going for a thing like that. Please don't hate me, I really like this blog.

No hate here! It’s just been a bit rough lately. Thank you for your concern though.

19 Mar 14
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Waiting for this blog to update is like waiting for a new gorillaz album. As in JESUS WHEN IS SOMETHING GONNA HAPPEN?

Okay look uncontrolablerage,
there are two people who run this blog and one is really, really busy. The other can’t draw shit. I could attempt to answer your questions and draw for you, but no one would like that. Not even me. The one who does the art has…I don’t know…a life? They aren’t going to always be around and you have to be patient and wait for them to come back and answer questions. I’m sorry if this has caused you frustration, but it’s not her job to sit around and draw 2Nu all day.

20 Jan 14
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Fun fact: there’s more than one person who runs this blog *gasp* I know right?
Sometimes (like the Boogeyman) I pop up. I come and go and answer things I’m not supposed to. Some of you know who I am…some of you have no clue….but ALL of you fear that I will answer your questions with no art and and no good answer.

16 Jan 14
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Do you guys like creepypasta?


11 Jan 14
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I've been dying to know, how did the band come together? (btw HUGE fan. So much talent used to its full potential. Demon days till I die <3)

It’s in our book Rise of the Ogre silly! - Noodle
Really is a great read…besides…the Murdoc part…. -2D

9 Jan 14
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Hey guys sorry for the enormous delay, I really hate to let people down so this time we’re going to set some rules because I don’t want the situation to get out of hand again and having you wait for the answers for months. 

So here’s what we are going to do:

The ask box is open, that means you can send us questions again but I’m going to choose only two answers per week and deleting all the others. 

So if I get like 72 questions in two days I’m going to delete 70 of them and just answer to 2.

here are the rules

-I pick the most interesting questions, so be original and if your question hasn’t been picked in the past week, don’t ask that questions again because if I didn’t find it interesting before chances are that I won’t find it interesting now.

-no smut, sex… you get what I mean that’s the oldest rule of this ask box please respect it.

- do not send question via fanmail. 

-if you’re here to send hate messages to me, the other admin or any of our followers because you hate this couple. Well, it’s not smart, don’t do it.

- you are more than welcome to write us suggestion (via fanmail, let’s keep the ask box for the ask)

-have fun c:

Psychoon the Raccoon

9 Jan 14
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Yeah, I did it. I had something like three more questions to answer but they were starting to driving me crazy so, yeah… The ask box is empty, I’m going to open it again BUT this time I’m going to set some rules. 

26 Dec 13
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D do you ever try to introduce Noodle to your parents?


16 Dec 13
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Delusional pafe 25 by Psychoon

Am I simply distracting from the fact that the ask box is still closed? Maaaaybeee&#8230;. &lt;_&lt;

Delusional pafe 25 by Psychoon

Am I simply distracting from the fact that the ask box is still closed? Maaaaybeee…. <_<

5 Dec 13
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How much did you love each other?

2 Dec 13
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Wonderful blog :) YOU are really amazing artist. I wish I could draw like you. Especially 2D and Noodle - my absolutely most favourite couple. Hm... I was wondering, is there any connection of those masks 2D and Noodle were wearing in "On melancholy hill"? Any kind of love indication maybe? O:-) Or just a coincidence.

Hmmmmh that’s an interesting thing, the majority of 2nu supporters think that that’s one of the biggest clue that the couple is going to be canon aaaaaaaaand I don’t think so. I think that the masks are more of a symbol, Noodle wears a mask because she’s literally coming back in the storyline years older and she’s different from how we remember her and not only her appearance. So I think that the mask has a lot to do with her new identity and the fact that she has to come back and resolve things with her past. 

2D on the other hand wears another kind of mask I think he uses it more like a Linus’s blanket because he has been dragged in a situation he can’t control.

so the point is, are they both wearing masks because they’re soulmates and they are destined to meet again? I don’t think so.

are they both dealing with their emotion in the same way, adopting the mask solution? That’s what I think, and in my opinion that’s what it’s great about this masks theory. The fact that even though they haven’t seen each other’s in years and they don’t know if they’re going to meet again but they come up with the same strategy to make it through this mad adventure the fact that as best friends in phase 1 and 2 they had a lot in common, maybe even more that they know about. 

But again, this is my opinion and it’s written in a terrible English and it’s probably confused XD


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